Matmos Interview

You use a lot of experimental sounds, how much do you stumble across and how much of it do you actively seek out?

D: Kind of like at this point I know what things will sound like, I’ve done so much thinking about what might be a cool sound, that I can look at things and know. Sometimes reality – you get what you want but sometimes you get more than you want. I went and recorded public sex in a sex club and I thought I might use it in a song, but some of the sex that was happening was so laughable and extreme that it was real but it sounded like a joke.

Martin: When you record people having sex and the go urgh, urgh, uuurgh, you can’t play that, people will think its fake. It just sounds ridiculous, like sex does.

D: This was some water sports encounter during a bear weekend, these dudes were groaning and moaning but it was so extreme that I realised I could never put it on a record because people would just laugh, it wouldn’t have multiple meanings it would just have one, like a Benny Hill moment. So you sometimes have to lean back from the real thing.

M: so what we ended up using in that record was a distant police siren, wrestling, these quiet sounds for the sex club. I dunno I mean different albums have been different in terms of that.

Have you ever had sex to one of your records?

D: I think when we were first together, yeah

M: We had a looooda sex, we would make part of a song and – electronic music, loops are part of it, you’re working on part of it and you can tell the computer to play the part over and over, so loops would be going and we’d get distracted

Have you ever recorded yourselves having sex?

M: No. I think the closest we came... there’s a lot of giggling and laughing, Horseplay! Our first porn assignment was one of these totally clich├ęd things where they were re-soundtracking some dutch fisting films and when these dutch people were making the firsting videos, they just had music on in the background, like they had a boogie box in the room and so the company that hired us said that’s unacceptable we want music on purpose, we want moans and groans, so do that. So literally we had to sit there with microphones watching this porn and huff and puff and moan and groan and we just could not do it without busting up laughing.

D: I contact-mic’ed my heartbeat and a sheet of paper and watched this film, Pink Narcissus, and I jerked of and I recorded the sound of semen splurting onto the paper, and since I was standing up and it was contact mic’ed paper, the semen splash made this ‘kerthunk’ noise on the paper. They we build that into a rhythm for our last record.

Are you married or would you think about getting married?

D: Fuck No!

M: It’s not legal in the United States. There are states in which you can become “married” but they don’t respect it in other states, so it really doesn’t count for anything, the legality of it. I guess it’s a radical opinion but I personally have no desire to copy the straight world, I feel like they fucked up badly and did a very poor job of everything for a long fucking time and obviously their whole idea doesn’t work very well, if you consider divorce and how often people participate in it, im not even sure that this whole idea of promising that you’d never desire anyone else. I’m inclined to think there are two kinds of gay men, there are people with open relationships and liars.

D: I think we should be free to [get married] I just don’t want it myself, because I don’t believe in the government being in the business of sanctioning emotion, I don’t believe in the state having that power I don’t think they should have that power.

Do you still have the go-go dancing pants with the fish head?

M: Yes. We have the fish, I actually just rediscovered it when we moved, did you see where it is in our house? It’s like sitting over by the washing machine, I feel like we should put it in a frame or something

D: it’s old plastic, so it’s brittle and drying out, its definitely not something that you’d wanna try and fit your junk into anymore, there’d be toxic consequences. But yeah we’ve saved it, it’s kind of our momento

M: have you seen a picture of drew in it? It’s a good photo, it’s been in Vice

D: Yeah there’s me at the age of 18, hustling for cash…I liked being a go-go dancer and I think it was good preparation for constructing rhythmic music because nothing sucks harder than having to go-go dance to shitty songs, you can’t get into it and they can’t either, so you get a good sense of what songs are compelling and why. Its useful, I wrote a book about the band Throbbing Gristle and one member, Cosi Fanny Tutti was a stripper an exotic dancer and she was really cool she gave me her play lists of what she was stripping to in 1979 and it was really great to see the songs and compare notes about combining outfits and tunes. It’s an under acknowledged artform I think.