Charity Shop Gold

A Bronksi Beat Remix LP for 99p. Bargain.

The great thing about this is it has the original press release still inside it, 5th September 1985. It's virtually an antique. The whole thing has been hand written on a typewriter and personally signed by Pete Tong. 'That's funny' I thought, 'that there should be an A&R man at London records with the same name as a Radio One DJ'. Really, if you know you're going to be shot for royalty free publicity photos, have a word with yourself.

They didn't really grasp the concept of 're-working' for an 80's remix. The only discernible difference to Smalltown Boy is some unnecessary tambourine action. The one track that sounds remixed is Hard Rain, all gothy it and sounds like the bit in an 80's film when the baddie is doing something a bit evil. That is until Jimmi starts singing.