Good luck...

Lucky soul are a quite good indie pop band who are releasing a dreadful cover of Lonely This Christmas in an admiral but perhaps doomed attempt to be xmas number one. They'll be pitting themselves as the David against the Goliath of X Factor.

LUCKILY with it they are releasing Lips are Unhappy which is one of the best indie pop songs of the year. And it costs 40p, which is the same price as six single pieces of chewing gum, if you frequent unscrupulous late night off-licenses.

As an aside i heard a slightly chipmunky version of the song, possibly a cover, possibly a re-recording, when i was in the depressing bar lounge at Stockholm airport. It was playing in the background of some Swedish TV channel. It wasn't sung in English and I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest it was sung in Swedish. On the other hand i was very tired, a bit hung over and had consumed half my body weight in coffee, so who knows who/what it was.

On another aside I learnt that I missed Stephin Merritt DJing at the George and Dragon last week. This is all the more sad considering they are not touring in the UK for their new album which is only 'very good' and not 'amazing'. I'm telling myself he would've only played a bag of wank showtunes, but really I'm quite upset.