Jesus Christ-mas

Bourgeois & Maurice feat. Scottee @ The Black Gardenia, 12/12/07

I hate christmas, almost as much as I hate christmas music. Fortunately B&M&S's dissection of number one christmas singles was unfeasibly unfestive. Their choice of songs were all made tragic, bleak and maudlin, the first five minutes consisted of a three song Spice Girls medley. Things picked up once they obliterated Michael Jackson's Earth Song into a cockney music hall knee's up.

The venue is frighteningly intimate, so Scottee's serenading of the insane woman near the front was tragi-comic awkwardness, easily rectified with him screaming I'M JUST A FAT CHILD FROM A FAT FAMILY. To Queen, obv. Georgeois Bourgeois is at his best when put on the spot by the aforementioned lady, forced to improvise some one liners 'Georgeois Bourgeois is the most loved name it the UK... it's just not that common'. They're a lovable bunch of bitches.

Afterwards I went to Shinky Shonky which was like stepping into a gay club like wot they show on telly. It was just so... soho. Boogaloo Stu was still as ridiculous and hilarious as ever, the female striptease was completely wasted on the virtually all male crowd and there were actually topless men daubed with gold paint giving out free shots of tequila. Fo Real.