There are so many good Swedish bands around it’s RIDICULOUS. They all seem to be born with the ability to construct mind-bending synth riffs and immediately addictive choruses. Here is a list of 5 of them, a 'top 5' if you will.

Alice in Videoland

Imagine Girls Aloud collaborating with The Knife. IMAGINE IT! That’s sort of the effect with this lot. Their myspace claim to sound like ‘nothing you have ever heard before’ is at best optimistic.

The Tough Alliance

So they look like they’d happy slap your granny, but they make really sweet harmonic electro pop. It would not surprise me to find out they’re gay. Maybe they can fill the massive gap Fierce Girl left in the music industry.


I became obsessed with Tar Heart for about a month and played it to anyone with fully functioning ears. It’s a total rob of Running up that Hill, but still, amazing. Apparently they do very exciting, arty things on stage too. UK Tour, please.

I Love You Baby

All the lo-fi charm of Helen love mixed in with some goth delusions they could ditch. Like pretty much every band on this list, I found out from DJ Doozer who runs the clubnight Combustion in Sweden. Tack!


They really should be a Britpop band and will please anyone who has a passing interest in The Long Blondes. Their song Disco Fever manages that uncanny Swedish ability to be heart breakingly depressing and catchily pop at the same time. Bastards.