To Me, From Me II

I’ve been wanking from home and spending far too much time on the internet reading various blogs, which is how I heard about Heads We Dance, and being old fashioned I stupidly paid to hear them. You can down load the TEPR Remix here for absolutely nothing. What you don't get by not buying the hand sprayed 12" is the Frankmusik remix. Is there any band out there who has not had a Frankmusik remix? I've listened to it 5 times in a row and it's still amazing. It sounds like everything else he has ever done, apart from the totally unpredictable tempo change towards the end, when in comes some 'I can't sleep at night, I'm addicted to love' ranting . I actually can't think of a better word to describe it than amazing.

Powerpop Magazine is crisply designed and painfully right-on. Though severely lacking in pop, it’s quite nice to read a magazine that is genuinely eclectic and written with a wide eyed enthusiastic love of everything. Even bad poetry. Anyway, I bought it to fuel my vinyl fetish. The mag comes with a beautiful pink 10”. Atleast it’s nice to look at, the music is dull schmindie. The Outfit are exactly the kind of indie band you end up seeing because a friend of yours told you that one of their other friends are in a band and they’re playing a pub near by, it’s only three quid, you may aswell, then you waste 45minutes of your life trying to look interested. Up Periscope are slightly more exciting, all pneumatic drumming with choppy guitars, a bit Llama Farmers and Captain era Idlewild.

What on earth Powerpop thought they were doing by having TWO bands on a limited edition 10" without any Frank Musik remixes, I do not know.