To Me, From Me

So last week I bought 2 presents for other people online. I bought considerably more things for myself, including the greatest hits of Bis, a mere £5.85, including a dvd.

First track Kandy Pop will either have you instantly grinning and dancing or make you want to gauge your eyes out with the unpatented super jewel box case it came in. I’ve spent all day listening to their songs (and watching the quite awful videos, except starbright boy which is *amazing*) and I reckon they’re one of the most inspirational indie bands of the last ten years.

Unfairly targets for relentless ridicule by the press, their loyal fanzine created fanbase managed to keep them going for ten years. In that time they produced a criminally over-looked electro-pop single Eurodisco, pre-empting electroclash and the subsequent 80’s nostalgia. There were a pop band down to the core, yet their methods were punker than fuck. They grew up, learnt how to use synths and the like and carried on making bedroom pop music. They make music that is empowering, it’s infectious, you want to share it and you want to make your own.

It would be easy to dwell on the burn out project Data Panik, or the ‘last ever gigs part III’ that got cancelled, but they will always be the soundtrack to bedroom teenage trauma and they still make we want to jump around, say stupid things, dress trashy and dance.

p.s. its not your eyesight, I'm still struggling to get to grips with digital photography.