Crappy New Year

It's 2008, big deal.
What is there to get excited about? Not much.

Helen Love are incredibly still going and big in Spain. February will see their latest album, a radical departure from all their previous efforts (I’m using Yew-ma.) where I Love Indie Pop switches from dissing Kula Shaker to having a go at Razorlight. Still exactly the same, still brilliant.

You will get sick of Adele, she will be everywhere. I heard her second single in a greasy spoon in Brighton, fame indeed. The album is surprisingly classy, especially when she’s not doing punch-your-lights-out big brass choruses and just does The Voice with one instrument. If only she could rustle up a bit of a personality.

Scream Club will release their poppiest album to date, including Keep It On The Dancefloor and Speakerboobs, potential cross over songs to take the queercore to the mainstream. Although by the looks of things, the general public don’t like their gays over politicised. They don’t even like them openly gay (cough, Mika).

Without doubt THE most exciting release of 2008 for me is Amanda Palmer’s solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer. It’s being produced by Ben Folds. Yes, Virginia was my favourite album of 2007 (despite being released in ’06) I have listened to it hundreds and hundreds of times and still don’t get sick of it. It’s basically really really bleak depressing morbid pop music, disguised with lots of piano and instrumentation. I very rarely pore over lyrics, but Palmers are little packages that need unwrapping and I find them pop into my head at inopportune moments, and the idea of her doing a solo album is pant wetting in the extreme.