For the love of blog

There's not much to report at the moment, other than I've been too busy to go out. So here's today's post:

1. Hackney Today :(

2. Plastic Makes Perfect. Don't ask.

3. a spectacularly late gift for moi by moi during The Great Merritt Amazon Binge 2007

4. Grooming products. Don't ask.

5. Skibunny single, Aah Ooh. The Ooh but is twice as long as the Aah bit, which isn't that long. It sounds like it should be the song playing in a film, when someone has to take a long car journey and they have some soul-searching, hard thinking to do. They get back by the end of the song and they've made their decision.

On the plus side, it appears I have the equivalent Paint skills to Perez Hilton.