Frocking Hell

There is a reason I don't go to see films very often, and this is a prime example.

The most enjoyable parts of this cinematic atrocity were:

i) seeing the protagonist pronouncing 'I love you' then getting bitch slapped.

ii) without wanting to spoil the ending (which if you've seen the first 15 mins, is impossible) the final 'look' is completely, unintentionally hilarious.

iii) the woman infront of us looked like Germaine Greer, so it was interesting to see what jokes within the film were permissible for a feminist to laugh at. When the lights came up it became apparent that it was not Germaine Greer

iiii) the production notes contained a 'printing error' which involved the mass distribution of private emails detailing the exact cost and coverage for a selection of teen girl magazine inserts. woops.

I should be seeing another film tomorrow, which if the trailer is anything to go by should be several thousand times better. AND the soundtrack is largely made up of Kimya Dawson songs.