I've been watching Yuill

Look at those lips!

James Yuill (pronounced Yule, if you were anxious) is deceptively geeky, all folk-this and folk-that but actually he's a secret electro fiend. Smacks of Kings of convenience and Postal Service, he also possesses the pub charm of Trademark and thanks to a female vocalist, the emotive indie-ness of Stars. When I was listening I had to write all these names down because I'd never have remembered them otherwise. Oh, and for the hell of it he reswizzled a Daft Punk sample into the mix, incase the acoustic guitar was making anyone feel a bit snoozy.

There were some other bands either side, but the first one was million words a minute monotony and the last one I saw was geetar noise and drunk shouting, which isn't always a bad thing, but I was glad I came home in time to watch Celebrity Big Brother. [want Amy to win, Nathan will]