Not Waving, But Boring

Firstly, Music Is My Boyfriend is not a boring club, they play some great music. I just wasn’t a fan of the bands this time round.

The headliners, The Wave Pictures were boring, jingly jangly snorey indie.

The act before was a guy with a laptop and a trombone.

The first band I saw that evening were Cats in Paris. They went from moments of complete aceness to the those of complete unlistenableness. At their best they sounded like a demented Arcade Fire (lazy way of saying there was a violin involved) or rockier Crystal Castles (lazy way of saying there was a retro computer sounding keyboard effect). At worse, it was wanky plonk-a-note art noise. Also, they tended to cram atleast four of each of those moments into a song, or rather five minute song montages. Which was a shame because they were by far the most interest band I saw that night.

Music wise they played MISMB classics, until it got a bit later and went all Wedding Disco – I left at Groove is in the Heart, skilfully transporting myself home via one of Kilburn’s two night bus options.