Personality Crisis - Solved

I know LOTS of people will be upset that I implied Adele has no personality, but it's okay, there's a sollution. Sia. (we'll just skim over her shady lift/shop music past).

You can listen to Some People Have Real Problems on her Myspace. Not just 4 tracks of it, a mere EP in old money, but every single song.

Evidence of a personality include; she claims to be a unicorn fart, she has JD Samson as a 'top' friend, the entire cheap brilliance of the video for buttons and that she's a dab hand at Microsoft Paint ONE CAN ONLY ASSUME. Maybe her Management thought it would be a good idea for her to appear 'vulnerable' and so paid vast amounts of money for a marketing genius/4 year old to draw her record sleeves.

We shall see.