Pop vs Bop

This weekend was an indie disco binge. One was the last ever Popstarz at the scala, and one was possibly the penultimate ever Unskinny Bop at the pleasure unit.

Popstarz vs Unskinny Bop

Music: Predictable Indie and Cheesy Pop, with an R'n'B soundtrack for the cloakroom queue vs Unpredictable Indie and Cheesy Pop with a smattering of 60s girl groups and riot grrl.

Clientele: Kids with fake ID and slightly shifty looking shitfaced over 20's being nostalgic vs Indie 'kids' in denial about how near/far they are from being 30 years old, all within two degrees of separation of eachother.

Venue: Large sprawling friend-loosing gig venue with a passive smoking death trap corridor vs sweaty old man's pub sans furniture, decent lighting and air-conditioning.

Ambiance: Student union carefree dance-a-thon until around 3am when it suddenly shifts into a desperate meet market vs house party 'y'alright's where everyone has already slept with eachother/eachothers friends

And the Winner Is....