Scott Matthew

Here are some selected highlights of a phone conversation I had with Scott Matthew, he is playing in the UK. Hurrah!

So how was the whole Shortbus thing?
It was a really beautiful experience and we all fell in love with eachother and created a community similar to shortbus but without the sex, for me anyway.
Aw, was that a disappointment?
It’s fine, I do OK privately.
So you have a debut album coming out
Yep the album is due out March 7th, in Europe
What’s it called?
It’s just self titled
Couldn’t you think of anything?
Ha! I ran out of inspiration on that one. Yeah, I toyed with a few names but none of them seemed right. It’s a bit boring but there you go.
Do you get confused a lot with Scott Matthews?
A lot, he’s kind of famous over there isn’t he?
I wouldn’t go that far, but sort of.
He’s not that big in the US yet, but he’s gaining momentum. He did a show at Joes club in Manhattan and apparently, I’ve never seen him play, I don’t even know his music, but he got a bad review in the paper and I got all these calls the next day saying ‘Oh my god, they hate you!’ and I’m like ‘what are you talking about? That wasn’t me!’.
Lets talk about bear culture. Is that something you’re familiar with?
Yeah I’m a little familiar with it. I don’t hang out on that scene but I definitely have friends that are into it. I don’t really hang out on any scene. I don’t consider myself a bear, I’ve been called that before in the media a little bit, because I’ve got a beard.
Well that’s the only criteria really
(laugh) Yeah…
Okay. I was reading this one review and some guy said your voice had a lot of ‘emotionality’..
Is that even a word?
I don’t know. I was just wondering what you think about when you’re singing.
Most of the time, about 90% I’m actually thinking about the lyrics and I’m thinking about the intention of the song. I try my hardest to be in the moment and be in that moment.
What makes up the Scott Matthew recipe?
A little loneliness but a lot of hope. I don’t want to be miserable even though people think I am, I’d like to think the music is a solace more than depressing people.