Seedy Mix

I've been making quite a few mixcds of late, and they're all basically the same depending on what I know the other person already has. Here are my current mixcd faves that keep cropping up:

1234 (Vanshe Technologic Mix) - Feist
Beatific - Glass Candy
The Opposite of Hallelujah - Jens Lekman
I Wanna be a Style Crusader (DatA remix) - Big Face
Tristesse/Joie - Yelle
Love In The Digital Age - Heads We Dance
Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
Its My Club - Helen Love
Young Love - Moto Boy
What the Girl Does - Authur Russel
Youth Alcoholic - Fox'n'Wolf

Which reminds me, Unskinny Bop is on Saturday(they will play one or two of the above I reckon) with a Queer beauty salon on dalston lane before hand from 1pm. You should come.