Bargain Bin Gold

This was lurking in the Rough Trade sale rail for £2. There are some nice insane lyriced electro pop songs, but one track stands out for pre-empting all the Hercules and Love Affair hype - One More Try (you can hear it here) about 2 years ahead of Blind, bit more erasure-y, but comparable none the less. Other stand out is Swallow, weird and queer, with raps from Crasta Yo, who was one of the first people to work with Cazwell.

Also in the rail was Adriano Canzian's Pornography, which predates No Bra, mining the same monotone delivery over relentless monotonous electro, the difference being Canzian lacks any sense of humour, replacing it with explicitness - Lick my ass, Suck my dick, I want your sex... tedious and utterly unerotic. Next!