Le Weekend

Two contrasting nights out, one heavenly, one hellish.

The latter was Fabric. If someone sat down and designed a situation that made you crave drugs, they couldn't do much better than that. It was crammed full of wankers bouncing off eachother. 2ManyDJS were disappointingly rave-y and even did the poptastic trick of playing Fischerspooner's Emerge followed by The Prodigy's Outta Space (or whatever its called). YAWN. The only good thing was that it was so loud you could feel the music, and early on someone played Little Boot's Stuck On Repeat which sounded totally euphoric trance trash but totally incredible all the same.

Transfabulous was the polar opposite crowd wise - beautiful, dressed up, dragged up, smiley friendly, proper dancing. It made me yearn for Leeds and the dressing up fun to be had at Razzmatazz. We got kicked out at two and I still wanted to go drinking, so made the mistake of going to Central Station (sparsely populated shady gay sex club, FYI). Weirdly, they played the 7th Heaven Remix of The Ting Tings Great DJ. Twice. I was only there an hour...