A Lykke Li Story

Once upon a time there was a semi-attractive swedish pop singer, who swam all the way to the Isle of England to sing some songs in the fashionable london area of Hoxton at a Square Bar and Kitchen. She was supported by some god-awful sixth form band and an Arcade-Fire-a-like who go by the name Fanfarlo. There was much excitement in the air and an abundance of middle aged men, none of whom appreciated the lack of personal space that arises when lots of people choose to stand in the same small room listening to the same live music. Lykke Li took to the stage like a proper popstar, looking like a budget Fergie, and sounding not unlike a ballad wielding Robyn. Li does not do playground raps and possesses such formidable musical talents as to produce - and play - a kazoo on stage. The last act was Mae Shi who is not a solo female singer, so the gays in the audience went to The Joiners Arms and drank whiskey happily ever after.
The End.