Anat Ben David - pick a name, any name - is/was a chick on speed. She's certainly on the label, with her new album Virtual Leisure. Over all it's a bit disappointing apart form the title track and last track. HOWEVER there is one massive stand out track. Of course there is standing out for being amazing and standing out for being shit, and We're Having Some Good Time is a curious blend of the two.

It could quite easily be written by Aqua, with lyrical moments like "Dance dance dance, take a chance, Bring some booze, you can't loose" and careering dangerously close to a Cotton Eye Joe parody, but in the context of the album, it's irony with high hats and bells on. Which is a shame, cos I'd quite like the whole album to be more like it. There are some horrendous fog horn synths that come in towards the end, but the whole song is gaytastic europop, which clearly is no bad thing.