Top 5 Best Things I've Got From The Office Recently

1. Tegan and Sara - The Con
The artwork is beoootiful and makes me want to make home made Tom Phillips tributes. The music is equally beautiful and makes me all tingly and weepy and excited at the same time.

2. Miss Kittin - Batbox
Not what you'd call innovative, ground breaking or listenable, there's something weirdly gothic industrial and, erm, Pop about the old cat that I still love, and I was right about
Barefoot Tonight.

3. Hot Chip - Made In The Dark
Its all very now and eclectic and pot bangin, well done. Have a pat on the back - hang on, you already have. (But oh my god Tina Turner is on the telly in silver la
mé pedal pushers and silver rubber corset, THAT is what Hot Chip need - a bit of Beyonce wouldn't harm either)

4. Wilkinson Sword Razor Quattro Thingumie
It shaves your faces and flips over to trim your pubes. Brilliant.

5. Temposhark - The Invisible Line
It was a tough call, is this better than a razor? No. Is this better than the new The Feeling single? By merit of quantity, not quality... I really wanted to hate this, the whole blatantly gay, 'we don't want to disclose our sexuality' thing is BORING. But, um, quite a nice pop album and good use of strings, I suppose. At worst it's quite a bit Darren Hayes.