Top 5 Worst Things I've Got From The Office Recently

1. A Day-to-Day Diary
It represents all that is wrong about having a job, keeping time, arranging to meet people and, well, doing jobs. Just looking at it makes me think "You're no rock'n'roll fun..."

2. Anané - Walking on Thin Ice
Anyone who's heard the Pet Shop Boys remix, should really just GIVE IT UP. That includes you, Yoko. I don't know what is more depressing, the attempt of a 'cover', the fact this cd contains 9 tracks or the fact that not one of these tracks weighs in at less than 5 minutes.

3. David Beckham's Instinct After Dark
It smells quite fresh when you put it on, then the smell haunts you like a charity shop granny busting shoplifters by beating them to death with a lavender air freshener.

4. The New Westlife Single
Okay I didn't actually take it home and I haven't actually listened to it, but when you're packaging a boy band to look like the front cover of the sun, coupled with a passing knowledge of their previous material... its not even coaster worthy.

5. Red Kooga Energising ginseng + guarana blackcurrant and red cherry flavoured sachets.
The only thing these are good for is practicing prolonging your gag reflex.