A bit of RGBarge-y

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this band grace the budget moulin rouge stage at Bethnal Greens Working Mens Club. The RGBs play Keytars. They have Two Keytars and a synth player. Their drummer was gratuitous but cuter than a drum machine. They have got amazing songs but they're not amazing, semi-skimmed pop if you want an analogy. Their vocalist is like a teenage SEB, though has an annoying wobble but generally good voice. There was a cringe inducing "Shake Your Booty" moment, I'm still trying to black that from my mind. But essentially a three piece girl group with OTT harmonies and layer upon layer of synthetic keyboard sounds, Sweet. Gets a bis-loving thumbs up.

Then Tetine played. They're still great, the underground grittier queerer Bonde do Role if you want some more shoddy descriptives. I think today is one of those days that would be better spent asleep in bed.