Charity Shop Silver

If you're in Turnpike Lane anytime soon, and have a soft spot for late nineties indie, you could do worse than check out the 50p singles in Cancer Research. There is something infinitely tragic about seeing half the cds you own stacked up in a charity shop, but also really exciting - you get to plug some of the gaps that youth/inexperience/lack of finances left in your record collection. For example, Hefner. I never really got them, and to some extent I still don't but Love Will Destroy is in the End is an amazing song. the other tracks dont quite live up to it, but still theyre good if you like that kind of thing, and there are another 3 Hefner singles left. Bit gutted with the My Life Story effort, Empire Line is when they'd really gone off, gutting because The Golden Mile was one of the best pop albums ever with all the commercial success of Victoria Beckham's solo effort. Here is the embarrassingly literal video, with all the glitz and glamour of Blackpool Karaoke. Fantastic.

Volcano girls gets me subconsciously headbanging everytime I hear it. Annoyingly whenever I play it generally clears the floor. I havent played it at a manifesta night though. Or indeed Music Is My Boyfriend which I'll be DJing at on Friday. More on that later.