The take-a-Long-bloody-time Blondes

The Long Blondes last night came on at 10.40, with an hour of watching two roadies tune, re-tune, place bottles of water on stage, open bottles of water on stage, etc. People we understandably fucked off, and they never won the crowd back. Kate Jackson looked ill (I recently watched The Night Porter and had flashbacks), showed none of her trademark charisma and sung terribly. She had an earpiece in, if that was autotune, get a refund. Their new material was shaky at best, the only newie working out was Guilt. Too Clever By Half is a crime against indie pop. Century should be all futurist/retro pop and live it sounded weedy and tin-pot. It’s all really upsetting cos I still really like their records.

The support band however was Kid Acne, the most unlikely and inappropriate you could’ve chosen. The indiegays at the front were terrified, everyone else just played statues. I thought they were brilliant just for being so out of place and really going for it, sounding like the beastie boys with a hint of GLC but instead of faux-gangster they sang about south Yorkshire, fray bentos pies and Jarvis.