BT Podshow Launch

[imagine a youtube like video here, with BT branding and a live clip of los campesinos]

I'm still not entire sure what it was all about last night but scrambling around the site, if you skip a bit theres some footage of los campesinos live which I was excited by. Last night provided a rare opportunity to drink lots of champagne with my workmates. hurrah. It ticked all the boxes:
- reasonably copious free booze
- bumping into someone I went to Uni with
- novelty entertainment (my insignificant bowling skills are decreased under the influence)
- Minor Celebrities + Gail Porter
- Wanky pool area (wanky as in swanky/pretentious. sadly there was no wank fun)

I would put some pictures of my drunk workmate accosting Tara Parma Tompkinson but I left my camera in the bag check in :(