I'm back. I was doing this:

ALSO i went to see a film (people who know me will gasp - this is a yearly event) it was called Savage Grace and it made me feel violated. Very good in a very wrong way.

I saw literally one of the worst shows I've seen this year, Pin Me Down. It was like watching charlotte church after three too many cheeky vimtos rummaging through a kids dressing up box then performing at a dinner party desperate to gain the approval of grandparents by doing a bratty anniethemusical number AND FAILING. It was social awkwardness in a gold dress.

On the up it's Ladyfest London all weekend - I "saw" kimya last night, same old same old, sky larkin were ace, the bobby mcgees were amusing, there were other bands but it's lovely been swept up in the leeds gang weekend migration.