Music to fill out tax returns by

I've had a complaint that I don't update this blog everysinglebloodyday, so here is my SECOND post of today.

It's been a bit of a pick'n'mix promo + post frenzy listening wise. The merit of each cd is based purely on my ability to listen to it whilst drawing up a spreadsheet of all my receipts for the last year.

I (finally) got the whole Rihanna album. Very good, especially the first five tracks. It goes a bit tits up thereonin, but my friend added SOS on the end so it balances out.

I lasted 2 and a bit tracks of the Alter Ego album. Why Not? It's a bloody racquet that's why. I dare say if I was a few shandies in and dressed up like a shoreditch twat (it happens) I could stomach it.

Beirut - The Flying Club Cup. It's all very lovely but keeps reminding me of bank adverts. I dare say if I was supping herbal tea at three in the morning I would love it.

Monade - Monstre Cosmic. The cover is soooooo cute. Bit OOOOooooh-y and distracting, got to the track 3 mark again before it got annoying.

Scout Niblett - This Fool Can Die Now. Who is the boy butting in on the first track? eh? It's quite soothing, it helps you forget about tax returns. Ooh, I just found a receipt for POPWORLD PULP. £1.49! Uh-oh, track 4 the man has gone but shes doing her pedal/drum abuse routine.

Hadouken! - Music For An Accelerated Culture. Oh God No. I made it to 'IndieSindy' anymore and I would've burnt my laptop.

VA: Disco Italia: Essential Italo Disco Classics 1977-1985. This wasn't good, it made me want to masturbate.

Air - Disc 2 luxury edition remixes rarities, etc, etc, etc. Perfect. chilled out, familiar but slightly different to the original album with I'm itching to hear again after being sick of hearing it when I worked in HMV cos it was the only fucking cd that everyone could agree to listen to without having a massive debate about the merits of xyz band.