To Donna Love Bob

So I found this postcard which I since no longer have (someone shot it here) and it has a website on the back where you are prompted to type in a special code, send back the post card with your address and wait to receive post. All very interesting, bit wanky, and the postcards were littered around Shoreditch - I saw about 5 but only picked one up. It's either a horribly cynical marketing campaign for sucker types who think they're really independent and individual but are actually very susceptible to suggestion to the point of following instructions on a kitsch photograph... or its some terrible post modern found art project about modern communication and strangers and love and the inherent comedy of a name like bob...

Anyway, stage two has commenced. I received my first bit of post. In a standard letter format, in courier font (not a real type writer as befitting the faded nature of the original photo) it simply reads:

please be patient

I'm not a very patient person and some elementary googling unveils that the address of To Donna Love Bob seems quite arty, which doesn't really settle whether its arty or markety. I'm inclined to think the former, just because I like to think that there are people out there still doing art project for their own entertainment, to touch people via their own curiosity and not in order to promote, sell or make money.

It could be part of some theatre project if it's anything to do with the resident of Flat A , in which case I'm probably due some flyers from Peckham Theatre :( Though why Shoreditch?

I'll keep you updated, unless it's the flyer option in which case I will simply report back that love is dead.