Lesbian Joy/Despair

I don't know where I was when this came out, but I've been obsessed with Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend for ages, so imagine my joy when I realised she'd done a version with Lil Mama. I don't think it's over stretching the sub-text to suggest that Lil Mama is suggesting she should be Avril's girlfriend. They certainly make a super cute couple, and the men in their Thelma&Louise stlye car are about as significant as a pair of fluffy dice.

Lesbianism seems to be very hot right now, or rather faux lesbianism (I used to think lipstick lesbians were ones who pulled girls to impress boys, after all it can be wiped off, etc...) Katy Perry has been pushing all the wrong buttons and it looks like Little Jackie wants a pop at it too with the awful 'Guys Like When Girls Kiss' which title aside contains gems such as "I wouldn't need to turn into a lesbian if me and the boys could just stop disagreeing". ARG! What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Oh and the Yo Majesty album is not ten different version of Club Action. :(