Depressed and Inspired

A workmate once casually mentioned he played a police officer in a Huggy Bear video and I thought nothing of it, mentally casting in aside as a nice, pre-internet anecdote, as accessible as if he'd said "I used to do a fanzine, once..." AND THEN I accidentally came across it on youtube:

[amazing] and it's all tied in with this weird mixture of depression and inspiration I get from reading this:
In that there's this incredible past of cultural activism, that I've only really followed in retrospect or caught the tail end of, and yet... and yet it's so UNFINISHED. These amazing creative women and men creating really vital exciting stuff as a reaction to all the mediocrity and crap that surrounds them and is offered by mainstream culture and I'm reading these - essentially 'historical' (well, over a decade old) interviews and it depressing because it feels like almost nothing has changed. I have to check the dates to make sure that ten years has past, because I'd love to see or hear people doing or saying the same things today (I know they are, but it's harder to see it under your nose without the rose tinted spectacles of nostalgia) And it also excites and inspires me to know that these incredible networks were set up and are still running and do still exist and... and... and I need to get off my arse and do something.