Verbalicious, Verse, Verbz... Natalie Cappuccini

It's often kept me awake at night, wondering what happened to none-hit wonder, Verbalicious. (Don’t Play Nice) Well after some bed ridden youtubing, I've found out. She's Natalia Cappuccini and she's a shoppaholic. It gets worse:

“When the term ‘Female Rapper’ is used it often brings to mind feisty, dominant women, not afraid to challenge a male point of view and use their ‘In you face’ sexuality in a bid of empowerment. This however is not the case for one particular mc…”

Oh Verbalicious, what happened?!

She ditched verbalicious to be VERSE (which appears to have been marketed to France for some reason. She doesn't sing a note in French) but wasn’t really feeling it, wanted to be called VERBZ, but someone has the copyright. What the hell was wrong with VERBALICIOUS?! No one is going to steal that name. In July this year she auctioned a load of her shit (not literally) on ebay. Like, sunglasses, trainers, her bike…. Things are tough.

Those of you curious enough check out her myspace, visually it's fairground spraycan art meets The Night Porter, and musically its sub Lil Mama stuff.

*2014 UPDATE* People are STILL finding this page, rather than my updated actually interview with Natalia Kills. She explained everything to my face.