There are two things keeping me awake til 2:27am

One is Songbird. Its like a firefox browser than automatically rounds up all the possible mp3s you can download on a website, and puts them in a little player so you can hear them before downloading. So for example, popping over to i skip everything but Jensen Sportag (sort of kitsch male swedish sounding vocal sound that im loving at the moment) and Junesex who sound like Rauberhole.

The second is: What is queer pop? I was djing at a queer clubnight the other week, and the thought gave me some bother. How far can irony save classic "gay" pop (i'm thinking YMCA, Its Raining Men, and others from 'the canon') and how responsible is a queer club in providing alternative music, rather than wedding/school/gay disco fodder? I love cheesey pop, but it's sickening in huge chunks. Who am I to say that one kind of kitsch is better than another? I love hearing Queen records in some context, but between Jackson 5 or S Express it looses something. Why do i get the feeling no one wants to hear/dance to a song they've never heard before? What bothers me is that everyone was dancing. Nearly Everyone. Which hardly ever happens when I play. Maybe shitdisco is the new queer if we've all alternatived eachother out. I'm abusing words now. G'nite.