Bloody Yelle

She's only gone an fiddled with Katy Perry. Taking the one good track off the album, Hot N Cold, a universal truth confirmed by every pop blog ever, and turning it into a sortof rubbish new rave semi mash up mix.

Yelle's uber cute "you 'ot 'ot 'ot den you cowd cowd cowd" only goes to emphasise how annoying KPs vocals are.

What Yelle should've done is scrapped all of Perrys vocals, resung the whole thing, tried to somehow fit their own chorus into the song so it doesnt sound like a bootleg, changed that awful lyric about changing your mind like a girl changes clothes, thrown in a few more handclaps and have a stupid loud snare-led crescendo into a thirty second rave ahoy a la a cause de garcons.

coulda shoulda woulda

you can download the horror here