Best of Chic Alors fanzine 1997 - 2007

So, I'm thinking of trying to cobble together a Best Of Chic Alors 1997-2007 fanzine for the London Zine Symposium, wading through to find the best bits of these interviews:

The Pecadilloes, Idlewild, Subcircus, The Junket, Symposium, Rachel Stamp, Annie Christian, The Llama Farmers, Seafood, Muse, Urusei Yatsura, My Vitriol, JJ72, Kimya Dawson, Gravy Train!!!!, Motormark, Scissor Sisters, Scream Club, The Research, Tender Forever, Jo Brand, Wendy Cope, David Shrigley, Lorraine Kelly, Hidden Cameras, Kevin Blechdom, The Gossip, Toxic Lipstick, Hawnay Troof, Lesbians on Ecstacy, Freezepop and The Organ.

PLUS: Unpublished interviews with Robyn, Dragonette, Hey Willpower, Raymond & Maria, numerous ridiculous features and I'm possibly writing 2 new ones, 'Jean Genet - from the footnotes of queer cabaret', and 'My Life On The G-List', a four-years-at-Gay-Times memoir....

I'm just putting it out there so see if a) anyone would want a copy and b) force myself to making it happen.