Brutus Trimfit Illustration Project

I get a perverse thrill at attending fashion events as everyone is so well dressed and manicured, and I turn up looking a bit scraggy, sweaty, wearing too many layers and usually with some big off-trend bag that gets in the way. This time it was my body that successfully blocked a projector, while it blinded me each time I looked up. This pop up event was in aid of Brutus shirts, which had all been hand illustrated. I really liked the one with Hairspray-lookalike dancers, but if you want the considered fashion low down, you're better off reading Style Cupid Blog. The real winner here was fish and chips. Not your usual canape fish chunk, served with two chips, in a small paper cone, oh no. This was a proper full-on greasy dinner, in a box, wooden forks, scoffed down in an alley in Soho. Photo: @stylecupidblog