Bums Legs and Tums @ Sobell Centre

I will never understand why more men don't get involved in gym classes - I'm pretty sure nobody turned gay listening to Katy B. They offer you one of the most grueling, punishing, sadistic and butch experiences you can access without going to a darkly lit basement venue. Thanks to a £2 voucher through the door (New Year, New Annual Attempt At Exercise) I found myself trotting to the Sobell Leisure Centre just near Finsbury Park. It's large, airy, and has all the ambience of a sixth form common room. Since the class started at half past, I delusionally thought it was over half way through, only for my early over-exurtions to bite me in the ass the following few days. My arse muscles (the gluteal ones, not my sphincter) were sore for ages. In theory though this has helped me with my walking speed, and it's given me inspiration for new moves when dancing to Ke$ha in my room. Totes masc. More on Ke$ha to come.