Candid Arts Cafe

I've done interviews here before, and have hazy memories of a late night party next door where I spent the evening stalking Bruce LaBruce. If only I'd kept a blog... Thanks to being tucked around the corner from Angel tube station and located up two flights of stairs, this immediately feels like a hidden gem or other worldy discovery, and tellingly they were playing Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain. It's a cafe for adult students and people come here to practise languages, catch up with long lost friends they're desperate to impress and to have informal bohemian business meetings. The tables are authentically wonky, candle-lit towards evening and a large dining table splits the centre of the room, housing the odd and plentiful rouges who drink coffee and scribble in notebooks alone.

A large Americano costs £2.20 and comes in a mug. Their nice looking but untasted cakes are £3.80 a slice.

Candid Arts Cafe, 3 Torrens St, EC1V 1NQ