Coffee Break

This inexplicably well staffed and unexceptional cafe is probably one of the best Wood Green has to offer, a few notches up from a charmless greasy spoon and with enough personality to differ from the rash of Costa, who seem to be strategically and systematically invading North London at the moment. Throughout the entire visit one guy was mopping the floor, while staff seemed to be working to a five minute rota, popping in and out and replacing eachother. The place was decorated with numerous old-time-America "sassy" signs, like 'drink coffee: do stupid things faster' and 'you have two options for dinner: take it or leave it'. They were playing one of my favourite radio stations, Kral Pop on a tv channel, as they usually do in barbers in Dalston and all along Green Lanes. There is something quite comforting about a Turkish diva wailing melancholically in the background over a Eurovision-y dancebeat.

An Americano is £1.40

Coffee Break, cross the road from directly outside Wood Green tube to the kebab place opposite, follow the road right and walk about 20 paces, where CB is opposite a road that runs left.