Deli Biera

Apparently this place only just opened on Saturday, which I gleaned from eavesdropping on an inquisitive local. The staff appear to be made up of a cross generational family. It's a Portuguese deli, decked out impressively with rustic wood everywhere, including a wall mounted bench where you can perch at small tables. In one corner a television set blares out a Portuguese television station, and in another a short, well manicured elderly lady has installed herself and is practically mainlining espressos. While you eat, curious shoppers peruse the bread baskets, pastas, wines, deep fried breaded things, miscellaneous vacuum-packed meat products and perfectly scorched pasteis de natas. There's a pleasant, eager-to-please chirpiness about the place as friendly unjaded staff slowly and carefully prepare food for you.

An Americano costs £1.20, Espresso £1, Toasted cheese sandwhich £2.60

Deli Biera, 147 High Road, Willesden Green, NW10 2SJ