If you have any activist friends that you hardly ever see (since the revolution became their boyfriend) here is the place you will find/meet them. The cafe actively encourages political action and engagement with the community, and as such you will find posters for demos and up coming actions all over the place and bookshelves bursting with Marx and left wing literature. There is a liberal mix of patrons (thank you, I'm here all week) of various ages, with and without kids. It's a very muck-in atmosphere - if the cd player starts skipping, you'll have no qualms about giving it a thump and I get the feeling you could ask to put on whatever music you like. There are outdoor seats which will be great once it heats up a bit and the ashtrays house the fag butts of rollies. Obviously. Their coffee is great, and Americanos come served in a very cute old fashioned half-pint ale glasses.

An Americano costs £1.80

Firebox, 106-8 Cromer St, Kings Cross, WC1H 8BZ.