Glam Jam @ The Black Cap

I've got a lot of love for The Black Cap, radiating as it does provincial gay-bar charm. Lady Imelda and CJ provided the drag queen entertainment, but there is a major difference with these two - one plays the (electronic) piano and they can both sing. Proper, stagey, belting, operatic, the-lot, singing. That CJ can pull any number of show tunes off the top of her wig within seconds is nothing short of mesmerising. What I liked about Lady Imelda, is that although she goes down the well worn and weary line of innuendo, it's never too bitchy or vicious and within seconds any nastiness is negated when she turns it on herself. I can't stand the threat of being picked on by a bitch with a microphone and these two play it just right for a friendly funny atmosphere. That it's upstairs at The Black Cap just adds to the feeling of stepping into a museum piece, as the chainstores on the highstreet below are crashing, the songs of the musicals defiantly play on.

Additional professional photography can be found in both Boyz and QX this week.

Added incentive: a pint of cider costs £2.50

Glam Jam is every Monday from 8pm at The Black Cap, Camden,