K Hole

The internet is an undoubtedly evil force, an enabler to epic procrastination that can suck hours out of your daily schedule. I had a recent epiphany about the brilliance of Ke$ha - I've still not decided if it's innate or projected onto her - but it lead to me investing in the deluxe physical edition of her latest album (pictured above channeling my old band Jean Genet). Not content with just listening to her outsider-affirming bubblegum pop, I've been consumed with reading all I can about the 25-year-old. Of course you get your illuminati readings and your right wing christian nut jobs. The latter could've been written by her PR company, so riddled with praise and on-brand the message is. But for me the real treat is delving into queer feminist theory that goes to town in deconstructing Ke$ha's every headpiece. And then there's ridiculous amazingness that does all of the above in Zizek quotes and gif form (though they really need to pull out some new ones for the Warrior album). Here's hoping her Marxist friendships throw some anti-capitalist lyrics into the next record. In fact I got so far into this K-Hole that I tried to buy her book, My Crazy Beautiul Life but I have the wrong kind of Kindle. Will wait for the paperback/poundland edition. If you come across any unmissable K-trivia, do tweet me.