Man Down @ Tipsy Bar

I've never been to a club night almost soley on the basis of a good DJ pun, but new R'n'B night Man Down had me on a whim thanks to DJ Major Lezza. I really hope she was the one wearing dungarees. My first foray into Tipsy, it's a great downstairs space that was quickly filled with walking, dancing, drinking and loudly shouting top knots. The bar became a sweaty under-staffed scrum and the lack of cloakroom meant clothes formed in tide marks along each wall. It didn't matter though, as they threw out loads of classics from Lisa 'left eye' Lopez to that Justin Timberlake songs everyone falsettos along to. Upstairs there was an unexplicably manned but booze-free bar. Once Tipsy actually acknowledges that Man Down pulls in a crowd (queues and everything) then Dalston has a nice new free night to party at.