Tin Cafe

This ramshackle cafe, according to the untampered with signage, used to be a pet shop. Located in the perineum-esque no-mans-land between Dalston and Shoreditch (are we calling it Haggerston? Does anyone really say they're going to Haggerston?) it reeks of hipster, but both succeeds and fails at trying too hard not to try too hard. None of the furniture matches, and is made up of old cinema seats and presumably salvaged fabrics and artefacts from a recently deceased old lady. A framed photo of Russella is - not so much hung, as perched - amongst the debris. On my visit, several local homosexuals dropped by and a clear stream of regulars who all chatted loudly and unguardedly with the one member of staff. She couldn't abide the thought of working a 9-to-5 job, apparently. There is a small selection of books, and a couple of tables if you're looking for somewhere to read. Unfortunately it is child friendly, and should they descend, you have no escape from their shrill attempts at conversing with eachother.

An Americano costs £1.80

Tin Cafe, 1 Middleton Road, London, Greater London E8 4BL