Cafe De Flore

This place is loud, and apparently historic. In previous eras Brigitte Bardot and Erenst Hemmingway would be sat on either side of me. Nowadays you will be rudely and apathetically sandwiched between tourists, local ladies who lunch and what appears to be faded rock stars. But mostly tourists like myself, curious to sample some Authentic Parisienne Cafe Culture. Did I mention it was loud? The setting is impressively decorated, and you feel like you're an extra in a Bond Film. I was told this place is in direct competition with the neighbouring Aux Deux Magots, and you pick a side. No one goes in both. The hot chocolate comes in a silver jug that is so hot you need a specially shaped handle napkin to pour it. Though their hot chocolate was undoubtedly quite delicious, it did make me think of warm chocolate flavoured condensed milk.

A hot chocolate costs €6.80 (comes with water and a biscuit, but still...)

Cafe De Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris.