So I was waiting for a musicain to interview at the K Hotel (where I've previously waited for Suede, The B52s, Jedward - all the greats) and I had time to kill in Sheperds Bush. Though I could've headed to the interesting bits up near Bush Hall, I decided to shun the glittering corporate lights of Westfield and take on it's grotty ugly sister just opposite. A depressing mini-mall where this, a pseudo Cafe Nero called Esquires resides. Presumably a chain, but not big enough for me to have ever seen one anywhere else, EVER, it has all the unique charm of a coffee shop that has be created for a soap opera, mimicing all the signifiers of Successful Chain Coffee Shop without any of the actual branding. Despite this bleak description, the staff we oddly over familiar. The cashier cheerfully explained to one customer that they didn't do free coffee and on observing that I looked cold, she reached over and touched my hand. I didn't get a free coffee though.

Side note: Esquires was - and probably still is - the greatest thing to ever happen to Bedford.

A small Americano costs £1.90

Esquires Coffee House, West 12 Shopping Centre Shepherds Bush, W12 8PP