A trendy, slightly off-piste Brixton cafe, serving extortionately priced small squashed toasted sandwhiches. It's not quite near enough to the tube to enjoy the gentrification of the area (sidenote: once that mind bogglingly popular popcorn place in the Reliance Arcade goes gourmet, it's game over) but it's never empty and draws in the surrounding Brixton elite. On my trip, somewhat bizarrely it was the destination of choice for muddy runners ending a jog, and a vast selection of spoilt brats being spoilt rotten and spoiling everything for everyone else. The only interesting furnishing among the blandly tasteful, deliberately inoffensive John Lewis showroom vibe, is an opticians eye test chart. It seems a bit embarrassed to be there, hanging around like a forgotten remnant, rather than an intergral piece of the cafe's history.

I forgot how much a coffee is, but think it was about £2.20. Also - and this is a regular annoyance not unique to Opus - why do people ask if you want milk when you order a black coffee?

Opus, 89 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2 5TN