Couleur Cafe

I love my existence at the moment. My odd jobs send me all over London and I get to see parts of the city that would otherwise remain unseen. One day I will just pick a remote suburb and go there for the hell of it - or for the charity shopping - and have a little daytrip. London really is that massive. And so I found myself in Barking station, the butt end of my nearest overground line. I don't need to give much context beyond the fact they have what must surely be one of the last remaining Wimpy restaurants - even my home town of Rushden lost theirs recently. Before even leaving the station you will come across the curious Couleur Cafe, which I retrospectively found out may have been named after a Serge Gainsbourg song. The inside interiors are like a compact version of the ill-advised Titanic themed 'Ocean' zone of The Crystal Maze. Everything is faded and slightly grubby but clean, like a faux museum piece. Outside there are sedentary people and plants going through the various stages of death, and the only concession to modern life is a radiostation dedicated to the hits and sound of Nicki Minaj.

An Espresso is £1.40.

Couleur Cafe, 5 Station Parade, Barking, Greater London IG11 8TU