I've walked past Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park countless times before but for some reason (probably that hazy point between curiosity and procrastination) I went down it today instead of my usual route home. Turns out it's a North London knock-off fashion mecca. The street is full of shops with names like 'Chi-chi', 'Sousourada', 'Pretty Girl' and the charming 'ffuk'. All the mannequins look like skinny versions of drag goddess Divine and since I have the fashion sense of a magpie, my eyes are gloriously happy. Here is a place where sequins, neon and diamante will never go out of fashion. You can get every type of hideous (and therefore amazing) dress imaginable, and in this sense it's like a short version of Allenby Street in Tel Aviv. Towards the end of the shops there is the ambitiously titled London Fashion Centre, with a grimly empty and spacious Fashion Cafe upstairs. Instead I head across the road for Duomo, where I can sit outside and have mangy pigeons for company. Everyone seems to know eachother inside and their coffee is inoffensive and unexceptional.

A small black coffee costs £1.75 (someone tipped me 8p in my weekend bar job)

Duomo Cafe, 110 Fonthill Road, N4 3HT